Organizational Self-Assessment & Transformation Program (OSTP) Empowers Iraqi Civil Servants to Pursue Organizational Excellence

The Organizational Self-Assessment and Transformation Program represents a fundamental departure from top-down, expatriate-driven capacity building. Empowering Iraqi Government officials with the tools and knowledge to improve their skills, pursue excellence, and transform their organizations from within, it has achieved unprecedented success and expanded five-fold since inception.

The Iraqi Minister of Oil has seen immense challenges these past years as his Ministry has struggled to reinvent its role in a new era. Despite being perhaps the richest such entity in history, the Minister often takes the stairs to his office due to broken elevators or power outages. Through the halls he walks past offices equipped mostly with barely functional desks and chairs, and the occasional blank computer screen. He greets employees without job descriptions, limited management skills, narrow comprehension of their roles in realizing larger Ministry of Oil (MoO) outcomes, and virtual disconnect from their leadership and each other. Until recently, the Minister faced this dire situation as possible, scraping together resources to patch collapsing infrastructure, and searching for an approach which could sustain and drive comprehensive reform for the decades-long effort required.

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UNDP Capacity is Development knowledge fair
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Energy sector
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