Public-Private Intervention in Improving Public Service Delivery

Annie Vincent

Madhya Pradesh has been recognised both nationally and internationally for encouraging citizen participation in governance and creating an accessible, accountable and transparent state bureaucracy.

One of the ways in which this has been achieved is by the MPOnline programme. This joint venture between the state government and Tata Consultancy services was undertaken to bridge the gap between the government and the citizens. This programme has played a crucial role in improving the delivery of the state’s administrative apparatus through the innovative use of information and technology.

A major grievance that MPOnline aims to address was the inaccessibility of the administrative apparatus. The general public in most cases face a lot of difficulties especially in fulfilling administrative requirements. Administrative functions are generally undertaken manually giving away to inaccuracies and delays in delivering essential services to the citizens. MPOnline has to a great extent addressed these challenges. An official portal created in 2006 and the first services were delivered in 2007. The portal was designed to effectively enable citizens hassle free and timely access public services at their doorsteps


MPOnline has become a one-stop shop that provides ordinary citizens with a wide range of services from a single entry point. Over 200 services are being availed by citizens in real time, this includes services such as; academic, employment, business to citizen based services.     

More than 9000 rural and urban kiosks provide these services across the state.

Citizens can also access the benefits of the portal online. At present, the initiative covers the entire state of Madhya Pradesh and has gradually expanded into 15 new states.

The institution saves on the infrastructural, technical, administrative, staff, processing and counselling costs to a significant extent. MPOnline has also ventured into the field of online examinations and assessment. These interventions has greatly benefited the sector and reduced its expenditures.

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